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Fantasy Football Championship CrownIt's all About the Trophy!

Fantasy Football Season

If you’re into it, you know, Fantasy Football is upon us. The time of the year when office pools are established, college friends reunite, smack talk levels up, and heated debates about player status begin in earnest.


Fantasy Football provides epic
moments with your friends,
bragging rights, trades, and 
endless smack talk!


As early as last spring, the debate on National Football League’s (NFL) players for the 2019 Fantasy Football season had begun, our local Kansas City Star touted the benefits of Patrick Mahomes, of the Kansas City Chiefs, and other key NFL players, well-ahead of the draft, and months before the NFL season will begin. 


Whether you’re not sure what about it, you’ve played some Fantasy Football, or you’re an all-out fanatic; let us to get you up to snuff on all things Fantasy Football!


Long History with Lots of Players.

Fantasy Football’s been around since 1962 (some forty years after the NFL officially hit the scene), and the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association (FSGA) says some 60 million Americans play Fantasy Football. In Kansas City that breaks down to over a half-million virtual team owners!  


Fantasy Football is a competition where you choose an imaginary football team that’s made up of actual players from the NFL. Weekly, you collect points based your player’s stats.  Literally, you win or lose based on your player’s performance on any given Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday)!


It’s Big Business!

The entry fees alone run over $3 billion, and the revenue generated is estimated at over $330 million according to Legal Sports Report. You don’t have to pay to play, and a lot of people don’t; however, many long-standing virtual leagues charge their team owners. Why? Because, beyond bragging rights, we want a season that includes a good draft party, a winning trophy, and maybe even a cash prize. Winning the best Fantasy Football trophy in Kansas City is why many of us play the game. Bragging rights are real, people!

 Fantasy Football Championship Belt

Team and league registration
run through October 12.


How Do I Do This?

As an official Fantasy Football player, you’re the team’s Owner, Scout, and General Manager. You alone are responsible for your team’s name, your roster, and who plays week-to-week. By the way, if you’re the organizer of a League, you get to be Commissioner. Heady stuff!


Fans of Fantasy Football are the first to admit it generates early and long-lasting enthusiasm for the sport.  You’re working with actual NFL players and tracking their stats. Trust us, the next time you’re at an office gathering, or a local happy hour you won’t want for conversation. Your Fantasy Football team will provide plenty of chatter. You can share the glory and pain with your fellow football fans.


Rookie Mistakes.

Pick the Right League

If you’re new to the game, you may not want to go all out with a group of seasoned Fantasy Football players. Spend a little time picking a league that fits you and your level of play, experience, and interest. 

It doesn’t hurt to get a little advice as you pick your players, so read up on what the experts are saying this season.


Fantasy Football allows us
to take a break from the
reality of our world.


You Gotta Name Your Team

Figure out your team name before you sign up. You’d be surprised at the variety of team names. Some incorporate the Team Owner’s favorite player, some poke fun at the sport, and some are simply NSFW.


Don't Lose Points for BYEs

Be sure and adjust your team’s players based on who is available week-to-week. You don’t want to lose a significant chunk of your players because you realized too late your QB, defense, and kicker are all on bye weeks.


Here’s a quick review on the basics of how to play courtesy of Wikihow.


You’re Ready to Play – What’s Next?

Draft Day

Draft Day can be an important part of your League’s overall plan. Just like the NFL draft, it sets a date when your Team Owners can start picking the players for their teams. Some leagues are casual about this, others go all out with parties and events to ratchet up the excitement.


In Overland Park, there are plenty of ways to get involved with the action. Beginning in mid-July many restaurants and bars started promoting Fantasy Football Draft 2019. The locations offer free draft kits with the purchase of “MVP” food bundles and, often offering season-long discounts. Remember, these locations want you watching the game and talking smack about your Fantasy League at their restaurant each week.


Want to host a great draft party? Try these tips:

  • Wi-Fi. Everyone will need to have access to the internet. Consider printing out your Wi-Fi name and password on a slip of paper, or placing it on a bulletin board or white board so that your Team Owners can access it. 
  • Football Themed Snacks. Simply those foods you can’t live without during football season. Chips & dip, queso, nachos . . . you get the idea!
  • Who Gets the Number One Draft Pick? As the Commissioner, you determine who gets first pick in your draft. Consider options like drawing numbers, the short straw, or a classic ring toss game, or even football trivia to determine who picks first and how the order goes from there.
  • Trophies. Nothing quite gets a team owner excited than knowing they have a chance to win an actual trophy they can display. In that same vein, losers, well, you want them to keep coming back. For if you fail, you must get back up and try again. Loser trophies for Fantasy Football are oftentimes more prized than the winners.  Have an awards ceremony recognizing last year’s winner and loser.
  • Make Predictions. Have your Team Owners make predictions for their team, specific NFL teams and/or players. Put the predictions in a safe location and open after the season ends. Who was close? Do they get an award, too?

 Fantasy Football Championship Ring


Fantasy Football Schedule

It’s not too late to join in on the game. Fantasy Football season follows the National Football League’s regular season schedule. In 2019, that means Fantasy Football runs September 5 – December 29, 2019, but team and league registration run through October 12, 2019.


How Do I Get Started?

There’s no shortage of places you can go online to help you with your draft, to find ways to play, and to generally get into the game in such huge way you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start.  Here are three popular sites to start your season:


Yahoo Fantasy Football

ESPN Fantasy

NFL Fantasy


It Really is All About the Trophy.

Fantasy Football Loser TrophyMost players don’t pay to play, but there are some that do. It paves the way for rewarding the best team in your league with an award or trophy. In fact, as trophies go, Fantasy Football trophies are some of the most prized by team players.  At Overland Park Awards, we’ve produced some pretty hilarious trophies for the winners and losers of Fantasy Football.


The excitement and fun of Fantasy Football provides epic moments, like live draft parties with your friends, weekly matchups and endless smack talk. Monday night miracles, bragging rights, trades, and a stronger appreciation for the sport.


Face it, we’re all looking for opportunities to take a break from the reality of our world. Yes, that world means the NFL team you root for week in and week out. You a Miami Dolphins fan this year? Take heart, while Miami may prove the skeptics wrong, with Fantasy Football you can ease the pain of your predicted season. 


What About Overland Park Awards’ League?

Overland Park Awards has its own league, and we’re excited to take on each other in this season’s camaraderie. Our commissioner, Terre Andresen, has gathered a group of eight league owners, and we’ll be posting about our winners and losers during the season. The trash talk has already begun, if nothing else, about how little our league owners know about this season’s players.


Our winner may get a custom wood plaque, or a personalized acrylic trophy. The Commissioner has to decide from the many awards, plaques and trophies available from her shop in Overland Park.


Win or lose with the Overland Park Awards’ league, we’ve automatically become more conversational at dinner parties, happy hours, office parties and the ubiquitous holiday party. It is a social experience (just ask the NFL). Who doesn’t want to talk football at one of these events? No one, that’s who. 



Overland Park Awards specializes in plaques, trophies, recognition awards in crystal, acrylic, glass, or resin, corporate awards, medals, personalized name badges, signs, and personalized gifts for every occasion. We’ve served the Kansas City metro for over 25 years.


Visit our showroom at 7514 Floyd Street in Overland Park, KS, minutes from anywhere in Kansas City.


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